Besichtigung im Tessin

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San Salvatore The summit of Mount San Salvatore (3000 ft.) affords a matchless view around the enchanting shores of the Lake of Lugano; glimpses of Lake Maggiore and the plaint of Lombardy; the majestic backcloth of the Swiss Alps. www.montesansalvatore.ch

Monte Bré The Funicular, wich has been restored to the original 1912 design, will bring you to the top of Monte Bré. Awaiting you at the summit (933 m) are various restaurant/refreshment possibilities and panoramic terraces. The summit of Monte Bré can be reached as well by car. www.lugano-montebre.ch

Monte Generoso The summit "Vetta" (1704 m) will be reached after a trip of 40 minutes with the rack-railway. www.montegeneroso.ch

Monte Tamaro/Monte Lema Panoramic walks, mountain-bikes, alpin animal's park, children's playground, restaurant. Santa Maria degli Angeli , church designed by Mario Botta. We suggest you a walk from one summit to the other ! www.montelema.ch / www.montetamaro.ch

Swissminiatur, Melide Swissminiatur showes you the most picturesque features of Switzerland - towns, villages, monuments, transportations etc., all at a scale of 1:25 www.swissminiatur.ch

Museum of chocolate, Caslano The museum shows you the history of chocolate. Furthermore you may have a look at the fabric, where the chocolate is being produced. www.alprose.ch

Zoo al Maglio Visit the only Zoo in Ticino! Over a hundred animals from all over the world. Pic-nic or barbecue allowed. www.zooalmaglio.ch

Park Scherrer, Morcote The park boasts a collection of wiorks of art from many different countries and various periods. There are original works and reproductions ni a beautiful setting framed by trees of many species: cedar, Mexican pine, camphor, Chinese magnolia, eucalyptus, azalea, palm and bamboo. www.ticino.ch/appendix/topticino/pdf/sotto/9_ITA.pdf

Castelgrande, Bellinzona The oldest of the three castles of Bellinzona is the one on Mount San Michele, called Castello grande. The highest tower is "Torre Nero", with its 28 meters. www.castelgrande.ch

Museum Hermann Hesse, Montagnola This small though important Museum has been set up in the tower of the Casa Camuzzi, an integral part of the historical complex of the Casa Camuzzi in Montagnola, where Hermann Hesse lived from 1919 to 1931. The Hermann Hesse Museum is the first in Switzerland and in order of importance, the third in the world after the ones found in Calw and in the village of Gaienhofen. www.hessemontagnola.ch

Campione d'Italia With the casino and its several bars, the italian enclave Campione d'italia became a famous place for the tourists. In May 2007 opening of the new Casino disigned by Swiss Star architect Mario Botta. It will be Europe biggest Casino! www.campioneitalia.com

Gandria It worth a trip to this picturesque former village of fishers. www.lugano.ch/quartieri/welcome.cfm?quartiereID=7

Museum of smuggling The museum is an old custom-house of the year 1904, which shows old documents, weapons, objects of smuggling etc. www.musee-suisse.com/d/gandria/index.php