Excursions in Ticino

San Salvatore From the summit of Monte San Salvatore (912 meters above sea level) you can enjoy an incomparable view over the entire Lake Lugano region.

Monte Bré The funicular rebuilt according to original drawings of 1912 reaches in a few minutes the summit (933 msm) otherwise possible even in the car.

Monte Generoso An excursion on the "Vetta" of Monte Generoso, at 1704 m. of altitude to admire the majesty of the Alpine chain as well as the region of the lakes and the Po Valley ....

Monte Tamaro / Monte Lema Both offer scenic walks, mountain-biking, alpine animal park, playground, restaurant. Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli arch. Mario Botta. /

Switzerland in miniature, Melide Switzerland in miniature represents the most picturesque places in Switzerland, cities, monuments and means of communication are 25 times smaller than reality.

Chocolate Museum, Caslano The chocolate museum shows you the history of chocolate and cocoa. Inside the factory you can watch the production of chocolate.

Zoo al Maglio, Magliaso Visit the only Zoo in Ticino. More than 100 animals from all over the world. Possibility of making grills and picnics.

Parco Scherrer, Morcote The Scherrer park is a collection of art objects from various countries and different eras. It includes original works and reproductions in a frame of cedar trees, Mexican pines, Chinese kilns, eucalyptus, azaleas, palm trees and bamboo.

Castelgrande, Bellinzona The oldest of the three castles is the "Castelgrande" on the San Michele hill. Its highest tower is the "Torre Nera" (28 m.).

Hermann Hesse Museum, Montagnola The small but important Hermann Hesse museum is located in the old tower of the Casa Camuzzi historical complex in Montagnola. Hermann Hesse lived here between 1919 and 1931. His museum is the first in Switzerland and, in order of importance, the third in the world after that of Calw and after that of the village of Gaihofen in Germany.

Campione d'Italia With its casinos and bars, the Italian enclave has become a distinctive tourist attraction. Open since 2007, the new Casino is designed by the famous Ticinese architect Mario Botta: the largest casino in Europe!

Gandria The picturesque fishing village is located on the lake just 5 km from Lugano. Visit it by boat!

Customs Museum, Cantine di Gandria The Customs Museum is an old customs office of 1904 where old documents, weapons and historical objects of the customs are displayed.